Thursday, December 30, 2010

Take That, Dallas! (Or, Neener, Neener, Neener: A Blogpost)

As it turns out, I was neither dead, nor kidnapped by aliens, jihadists, or skinheads (of which we have an over-abundance here in the PacNW). I was just annoyed, behind deadline, and basically lazy. Sorry about that.

Over the holidays, I was also subject to the Irish-Italian Catholic guilt of my childhood, which forced me to travel back east to Tennessee to spend Christmas with my family (and before you ask, NO, I am NOT from TN; it's just where my parents and assorted relatives live at present). Since they get about 3 TV channels at the ol' homestead and none of them carry hockey--EVER--I missed every Wings game between 12/22 and 12/29. The withdrawal sucked.

Happily, I got back to civilization in time to see last night's game against the Stars and strap myself in to the rollercoaster of elation and despair that is Red Wings hockey.

The despair:
  • The 3-goals in 1:14 flurry from Dallas in the 2nd period. What the hell was up with that?
  • The reality finally sinking in that in addition to the attempted involuntary manslaughter that left Modano out until at least March, we're down Datsyuk AND Cleary for at least a month.
  • Having to look at Steve Ott's ugly, asshole, thug-scumbag face.
The elation:
  • Seeing Useless Jiri finally do something worthwhile, although frankly I think most of the Credit goes to Bertuzzi for the truly awesome pass that set up Hudler's shot.
  • Kris Draper reminding us that every time people start to say there's no room left for him on this team, he makes those bastards eat their words.
  • The 4th line kids continuing to grind it out, hustle, battle, and basically make life miserable for the other team, even if Darren Helm continues to have the hands of an epileptic, three-legged donkey.
  • Watching Patrick "Hat trick" Eaves rack up a 4-pt night, including personally potting 2 past Kari Let-em-in and topping it all off with a curly fry-making empty netter. It almost gives the idea of getting "Eavesed" a whole new meaning.
Though speaking of elation, I have to add that although it was not part of last night's game, the highlight of the year has to be the x-mas gift given to me by the best friend in the history of friendship, who presented me with a SIGNED 1997-1998 Lidstrom jersey, complete with the "A" and the "Believe" patch. It is made of awesome and might have to make an appearance at H2H2 in March.

Now excuse me while I go bask in its reflected glory.

Let's Go Red Wings!