Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall Is in the Air

It's almost hockey season. I know this because here in the Pacific Northwest, the weather went from 90 degrees to 60 degrees in 3.7 seconds. Last week, I was running the A/C and supplementing the air circulation with fans, while yelling at the dogs for letting the heat in through their dog door; today, I'm curling up on the sofa under a chenille blanket, sipping coffee, and wondering if I'm motivated enough to get up and close the window I opened to get some fresh air in here. But really, none of that is important. Only one thing is important.

It's almost hockey season!!!

Today, the Red Wings started Training Camp in Traverse City, getting their physicals out of the way before traveling back to Detroit tomorrow for Brad McCrimmon's funeral service (My thoughts and prayers are with Beast's family and loved ones during this horrific time). On Sunday, Camp will start for real, with practices and scrimmages in preparation for a year full of changes for the Wings. It's about time.

After a tragic summer, I can't wait for hockey to help us all remember how much we love life, the sport, and the Red Wings.