Friday, September 24, 2010

Practice Recap CHI 3 - DET 2

It's not a real one, because seriously, it's a pre-season exhibition game. It's half the roster and meaningless. But it's still more Wings hockey than I've seen in months. Therefore, I was glued to the tv. The new 46" HD tv. Score.

1st Period
  • Ericsson looks lost. Still. I don't know what happened to the kid we saw in the 09 playoffs, but he wasn't on the ice tonight. Again. Fortunately, the season hasn't even started yet, so he's got some time for someone to smack some sense into him.
  • Brendan Smith needs seasoning. I can see potential, but he's not quite there. Some good moves, but a few big flubs as well.
  • Gods, but I missed Pavel and Nick and Hank and Homer and the rest of the guys. Summer seemed 6 years long.
  • 2 goals: Mursak (Emmerton) and Homer (Nick & Hank)
  • Hard to say how Jimmy looks since Chitown had only 4 shots, but he looked alert at least and made at least one nice save, so I'm optimistic.
2nd Period
  • Chi scored on the PP. Jimmy was down after blocking a shot down low and just didn't get a chance.
  • Hank scored on a pretty rebound off Dats. Love that line back together.
  • I'm liking my first sight of Salei. I think he could work.
  • Tatar had a couple of nice moments. I like that he's still so young because that makes his potential a little crazy.
  • Jordan Owens also had some nice moments. I'm interested enough to keep an eye on the kid for sure. He needs to watch it with the penalties, though.
3rd Period
  • Bad turnover, 4-on-2, Joey MacDonald missed it.  3-2.
  • Helmer with a breakaway that hit the post. But at least it was closer than last season. I have hope.
  • Homer goal waved off. It felt just like old times.
So that was it. 3-2. And I made it all the way through a Hawks feed. Pray I don't have to do that again.

Now I can't wait for the games that actually count.

Let's go Red Wings.

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