Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Language of Numbers, Part Deux

The continuing stoooooooooory of my personal and judgmental views on what the sweater you wear says about you as a human being. And more importantly, as a Wings fan...

  • #23 - Stuart - "Solid" is your idea of a high compliment. You admire the men who do their jobs, who don't whine, and who don't feel a need to blow their own horns.
  • #24 - Probert - You've got a soft squishy place inside reserved for a tough guy. You're as loyal as a bulldog, and you know how to forgive. And you know that sometimes a bad boy is the nicest guy in the room.
  • #25 - McCarty - March 26, 1997. Do you really need to explain this?
  • #26 - Hudler - You really like hookers.
  • #30 - Osgood - The haters can go fuck themselves. The man's 10th all time in wins by an NH goalie. He's got 400 wins to his name,  3 Stanley Cup rings, 2 Jennings tropheys... Aw, fuck it. You know what? YOU know why you wear it, and any Wings fan knows why you wear it, and everyone else can see the beginning of this description.
  • #33 - Draper - Grinders rule. Grit, hard work, determination, and dedication are the qualities you admire most. You want to give props to a man who sacrificed his face for his team and is still one of the hardest workers on the ice every single night. You're glad to have the world's best mentor for new players, and you love how much the man loves the game.
  • # 35 - Howard - You're ready to give credit where credit is due, and you prefer to look toward the future rather than living in the past. You appreciate tradition, but you want the cup again. Bad.
  • #40 - Zetterberg -The most underrated forward in the league, the man who manages to rack up 69 points without having scored a goal since 1937... seriously, what was the question?
  • #43 - Helm - You have an eye on the future, and on a player with mind-boggling speed, a work ethic learned at the feet of Draper, and motor-oil coated feathers in his blood.
  • #44 - Bertuzzi - You believe in second chances, and you appreciate a man who has shown he can grow as both a player and a person. And you can probably take the punches that might be thrown at you.
The plane to Hockeytown leaves in less than 12 hours, the jerseys are hanging in preparation for being packed, and the Wings had better be fucking hungry for a win.

Let's Go Red WIngs!!!

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