Friday, March 4, 2011

The Language of Numbers

H2H2 is almost upon us (SQUEE!!!!!!), and in honor of that momentous occasion, I've been planning my game wardrobe. Translation: I've been trying to decide which of my jerseys to wear for the party and the subsequent riot at the Joe. I'm still torn, so it's not like I can reveal my decision yet, but the quandary has gotten me thinking.

Wearing a player's number makes a statement. Who you choose to honor says something about what's important to you, about what you value and whom you admire. For instance, we all know that if you wear a Pens87 jersey, you're saying you're a pussy who cries a lot. But what does it mean if you wear a Wings jersey (Other than that you've got the good taste to support the greatest hockey franchise in history)?

Let's take a look:

  • #1 - Sawchuk - You rock it old school, baby, and you don't mind carrying a few scars if it gets the job done.
  • #5 - Lidstrom - Perfection leaves you in awe. You don't expect it, but you're smart enough to appreciate it. The combination of skill, smarts, and class gives you a secret little thrill. Well, okay, it's probably not much of a secret.
  • #7 - Lindsay - Old time hockey turns you on. You like it rough, tough, and terrible, and you'll always stand up for your beliefs, just like Ted did for the players
  • #9 - Howe - You don't just love Mr. Hockey, you love hockey itself. You love a player who could, and did, do it all. And did it well, but you also just love the game, every goal-scoring, puck-stopping, glove-dropping, punch-throwing minute of it.
  • #10 - Delvecchio - You admire the combination of skill and class. You remember the Production Line with awe and fondness. You also have a thing for unsung heroes, since arguably few of Detroit's legends get less props than Mr. Delvecchio.
  • #11 - Cleary - You admire hard work. You live in the now and you appreciate that someone can come from outside and embrace the Wings philosophy down to the ground, becoming better than ever behind the Winged Wheel.
  • #12 - Abel - Versatility, leadership, and tradition mean a lot to you, and you're happy to show respect for those who deserve it.
  • #13 - Datsyuk - You'll never mind standing around with your jaw hanging open, because the man in this number is so good, your puny human mind can't wrap itself around the truth of it.
  • #14 - Shanahan - Good times never go out of style.  You admire drive, talent, toughness, and a sense of humor. Oh, and you also like a good Irish jig.
  • #16 - Konstantinov - You believe, and you don't intend to ever forget. You're loyal and you know that real talent should be commemorated and celebrated.
  • #19 - Yzerman - You bleed Detroit. You recognize greatness, and you're proud to represent it. Loyalty, skill, leadership, and class are your bywords, and you defy anyone to tell you there was ever anyone greater. Gretzky be damned. He was a one-trick pony compared to Stevie.

That takes care of the rafters and the first bunch. More in a day or two.

Let's Go Red Wings!!!

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