Monday, November 30, 2009

Dallas 1 @ 4 Detroit

I watched this game armed with liquor, just in case the Wings decided to make Saturday's game look like a fluke, so forgive me if this recap is a little disjointed. Actually, to hell with you. If you're reading this blog, you deserve a disjointed review. *hiccup*
  • OMG (irony intended) we scored first! Let me squeal like a fourteen year old baptist (of either sex) at a Jonas Brothers concert
  • Once again, aside from Zetterberg (and one notable moment for Datsyuk) the 3rd and 4th lines remained the most noticeable. I leave the conclusions drawn from that to, you know, others.
  • Per the above, take that for us not having the same depth on this year's roster, bitches
  • First few minutes of the 2nd period had me pounding a few ounces of alcohol, but thankfully things settled down toward the middle and cruised toward the 2nd intermission. I always appreciate that
  • Seriously, though, can we make a few PPs count now and then?
  • I recently commented on a superior blog that I didn't think we should convert to a team full of Darren Helms, should cloning become a practical choice. However, let me amend that by saying that a special team of penalty killing Helmers? I could live with that.
  • Zetterberg remains the hardest working man on ice. He's like Helm, only with a better shot.
  • Um, since I seem to be on a roll here, is Pasha getter slower on his skates, or is it just that watching Helm rocket past the rest of the squad, the opposition, Apolo Ohno, and Dan Jansen makes everyone else look slower?
  • Dear Lord, I'm all over Todd Bertuzzi. I will take back everything I've said about him the past couple of weeks if he just keeps playing like tonight. That 3rd period goal? Sweet!
  • I have to say it always surprises me seeing Zetterberg in the Box. He's just so...Swedishly nice that i don't expect him to take penalties
  • It freaks me out a little when I have to say things like "Jimmy Howard looked solid"
  • Mickey and Ken's in-depth debate of skate guards...were they even listening to themselves or were they as bored and baffled by that conversation as I was?
  • Ericsson really is looking better. I haven't seen him trip over his own gigantic feet in, like, a couple of games now
  • Meech? Not sucking. Reminds me that he was on the '08 championship team.
So, those were the biggies. Or the made-it-through-the-alcohol-haze-ies. Hope y'all enjoyed the game. I know I always enjoy the wins. Sure beats the alternative.

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  1. Seeing Zetterberg in the box is like finding out Santa Claus isn't real. It's just abjectly depressing.