Sunday, November 15, 2009

Wings 7 - Ducks 4

Am I the only one who sees the telecast come back from the period break and holds my breath waiting to see which Wings will re-emerge from the dressing room? This split personality thing is getting crazy. I was hoping that the last two games against Columbus and Vancouver were the signal that we'd shaken off the rough start to the season and were ready to buckle down and play 60-minutes a night. Ah, the naivete! Clearly, while this team is more than capable of posting consecutive 60-minute efforts, they'd rather fuck with my head and follow up a solid first with a cringe inducing second (I really hope someone smacked Jonathan Ericsson upside the head after that pass. You know which one.) and a third that alternates between brilliance and chaos.

I'm tough, though. I can take it. We have to be honest here. None of us should have expected us to skate out the door on October 3rd looking equal to the teams of the last two seasons. Too much changed over the summer for that. Personally, I feel that this year's team is packed with more talent that last year's (deserters be damned) and easily the equal of the mighty 2008s. But the changes meant that we'd need to get to know each other, take some time to work out the kinks, develop the chemistry, and get into the groove. I think we've done that, much to the chagrin of all the naysayers who've spent the last 5 months or so predicting that our time is past.

Past, my ass.

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