Sunday, November 29, 2009

Faith Is Good. Winning is Better.

I'm weak. I admit it. I turned off the game after the first period and wallowed in liquor and DVDs and house guests last night. I just couldn't face the prospect of watching another debacle. So of course, I missed the come back.

My First Reaction: SHIT!!! Ah, well. Serves me right.
My Second Reaction: Clearly, they won because I didn't watch.
Now I'm gonna have to miss all the rest of the games!

I'm not sure either is correct (though I lean more toward the least, intellectually I do; what superstition tells me is another matter), but I was kinda pissed that I had to resort to scouring the net and sitting through the idiocy of most of the NHL On the Fly broadcast in order to see the highlights. Still, that tic-tac-toe play that Drapes made count and that tying goal by Zetterberg were things of beauty, and it pains me to have missed them live.

But really, it didn't much matter to me when or how the goals went in, or who put them there. I'm just thankful they didn't get waved off. Now I can maybe sleep nights again.

Though I do have to give props to Jimmy Howard. For a kid who made me shake in my boots a few short weeks ago, he's getting to the point where I no longer clench my sphincter every time I see him in net. So, good for you, Jimmah!

Let's try to keep this up tomorrow when Dallas comes to town.

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