Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Game Day: DET @ DISNEY 1/5/10

I'm having a day so far, so this will be brief. Tonight is the second game of a five-game road trip through the west. And, you know, New York, since that's totally on the way from San Jose to Detroit. The first game (v. Phoenix) went well, but the next 3 are ones we need to go as well or better. Specifically, wins against LA on Thursday and San Jose and Saturday are key to our clawing our way up the standings and tightening our grip on a playoff spot, but to my mind, tonight's game vs. the Mighty *Ucks is equally important not because of the standings or the challenge or the points, but because I loathe and despise Anaheim and I cannot countenance ever not taking a chance to slaughter this team and then spit on its corpse.

Did I mention it's been a rough day?

Anyway, here's tonight's wish list:
  • First and foremost, that Ville Leino get splinters in his ass riding the bench in the press box. I don't care if the seating is neither wooden, nor a bench. He deserves no less
  • That Nick Lidstrom continue his offensive push from the last game and actually put something in the net that carries his name up front
  • That Jimmy Howard keep doing that voodoo that he do so well
  • That Helm manages to continue his new follow-through into something other than an empty net. At least once. I'd say twice, but I don't want to be greedy
  • Aw, hell, I wanna see Draper do something awesome, just for old times' sake
  • That Datsyuk continue to do such amazingly innovative things as shoot the damned puck and actually pot 1. No, make that 2. To hell with greedy
  • That Filppula prove not all Finns are worthless (at least HE bellongs on this team) and get his first goal since his return. Actually, his first since October, I think. That would rock the Casbah, baby
  • That Abby make not just hits but a Kronwallian hit. I long for some open ice devastation, and while it's a bit much to ask of the new kid, I don't know if I can wait til Kronner is both back AND back up to full speed/strength
  • Final score? DET 5 - DISNEY 2
Since I nailed the score last time, I predict that this one will be wildly inaccurate, but hopefully we'll still end up with more than the *Ucks. And that's really all a girl can ask for.

Let's Go Red Wings!

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