Thursday, January 7, 2010

Game Day: DET @ LA 1/7/10

Right. Zetterberg and Cleary are back. Homer is out. Is that really the kind of trade we need to make? Honestly? Somehow I think this might be linked to how, over and over this season, I keep finding myself bent over the furniture and feeling chafed...

But anyway, I digress. Tonight the Wings are in LA against the Kings. Normally, that sentence would elicit nothing more than a desire to get the win over with so we could move on to the next opponent. Not this season. This season, I'll watch through squinted eyes from behind my slightly spread fingers and chant a few prayers to the gods we already know aren't listening because I'm just that stubborn.

So for tonight I have only one wish:
  • Please, God, let no one else get hurt
  • And let's win this.
Okay, so that's two wishes.
  • Oh, and let Jimmy play the game that makes Quick's spot on the US team look ridiculous. Not that I'm not glad Jimmy's just sticking around during the break, but I'd still enjoy the statement
That makes three. Three wishes. I'm gonna stop while I'm ahead.

Go Wings.

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