Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ber-TUZ-zi! Ber-TUZ-zi!

Oh, thank you, Todd, my darling love! I didn't get a chance to watch the game last night (the last one I'll miss due to this trip, thank God), but I so enjoyed reading the recaps. If we hadn't put this one in our pocket, I would have had to carry out the suicide-by-hanging-from-the-rails-over-the-tunnel threat. I was that depressed by the Chicago debacle(s).

And imagine my joy in hearing that Todd Bertuzzi was once again the hero of the night. The games where he saves the day are my new favorites, simply because I know that Petrella over at TPL will be taking crap for it for at least 24 hours afterward. And I'll get to read about it and giggle maniacally. That, my friends, is a total win!

I leave for the airport in a little less than 2 hours, and I'm totally ready. I can't wait for Monday's game. Not because it's the BJs again, but because of the irony that the first game once I'm back home is on Versus, which DirecTV is boycotting, so I won't even get to see it. But at least I can listen without family interference, damn it, and I intend to!


  1. Yes, that's me. Bertuzzi fan #1. You should have seen (or did you?) the Twitter uproar IMMEDIATELY after the puck crossed the line.

    Are you on Twitter? If not, get on Twitter.

  2. Petrella might be waffling, but I'm not.

    Even though my own mother thinks I'm being too hard on him.

  3. Oh, I'm not waffling. I still despise the man deeply. I do, however, find it hilarious that I've become synonymous with Bertuzzi's performance. I can't wait for him to go three months without a goal, so I have this huge audience to scream I TOLD YOU SO at.