Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Even Gods Like Booty Shakes

I presume it was my primitive ritual dance that persuaded the Hockey Gods to keep Ericsson's injury to a manageable deep bone bruise and calf sprain rather than making it an MCL or ACL tear. There's clearly no other explanation. Because the weeping, crying, bargaining, praying, and body part-crossing I did for all the other injuries this season made absolutely no difference to them. So yes, I am taking credit.

Turns out that Kenny is calling up Janik rather than Kindl, which of course makes sense when you think about their roles. Janik is a penalty killer, and that's the area where Ericsson's loss will be felt. So, I approve. What the hell, it's Kenny f'ing Holland; I'd approve if he called up Bozo the Clown, because I know he'd have good reason. I'd just have to listen to the games with a blindfold on. I don't. Do. Clowns.

Next up is Tampa, and I'm bracing myself. Two days off in a row haven't been the best thing for the Wings this year, but maybe the spirit of grinding it out will move them again. Here's hoping.

Go Wings!

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