Saturday, December 5, 2009

Less Painful than It Could Have Been?

Well, we didn't win, but at least we played. And we managed to get 1 point, so it could have been worse. And lately, often has. I burn with impotent rage at having to settle for that.

So here is my free-form recap. I vow that I will attempt to come up with a format as soon as the Wings win 3 in a row. (Ha. Suckers.)

  • How pathetic is it that I'm excited to be able to write we made it a whole minute without giving one up? Especially with Ozzie in net. And I've always been an Ozzie supporter. *sigh*
  • Bertuzzi is still annoying me. Was that his first touch that he gave the puck away on?
  • Holmstrom showed some nice hustle early. I like that. I love that he's playing like five years ago again.
  • If Helm could pocket 1/2 of the sots he makes, we'd be at the top of the league right now.
  • Is Babcock proof of your mother's assertion that your face would freeze like that?
  • God, I almost died when Helm got hit in the leg. My life flashed before my eyes. You can't take my Helmer!!! I'm convinced he's currently the only thing keeping up from getting whipped like a red-headed step-masochist.
  • And then Eaves went down, and I began to savor the taste of gun metal.
  • Can we stop falling down, now? Please?
  • Apparently, it's cheap shots on the Wings night. Have the Devils been throwing punches as a form of defense, or is it just me?
  • Lovely. Bullshit calls once again. If that was a hand-pass, I'm a six foot tall black man with a full beard and lobster claws for hands.
  • Love that Draper goal. There's another player this season working like he's suddenly five years younger.
  • You know, I think that even if I weren't a Wings fan (impossible, I know, but bear with me here) I'd still want to watch FS Detroit broadcasts of the games just to listen to Mickey Redmond. The man is out of his mind, but funny.
  • I see Ericsson is back to tripping over his own feet. Or, rather, his own ineptitude. I think he proves the fact that being big is not necessarily all it takes to be a defenseman.
  • Shoot, Pavel! Just SHOOT DAMN IT!!!
  • Holy shit! A Power Play Goal! I thought we forgot how to score those!
  • Mickey called Homer "Mr Demolition Man." I like that.
  • I know you can get away with a lot on Holmstrom, but sitting on his back will thankfully still get you a penalty.
  • And bless Patrick Eaves' little soul. I love that our kids are really making a place for themselves. Also, I am so far liking Kindl. He can stay. For now.
  • Wow. "Let's go Devils" sounds just like "Let's go Assholes" when chanted at top volume.
  • Damn it. I hate OT, but not nearly as much as I hate shoot outs.
  • Why, OH WHY, would you put Leino, who can't bury the puck with a shovel so far this season, on the shoot out?
  • And that's why I hate shoot outs. *sigh*
The wine* I drank during the game helped dull the pain, but I was braced for a lot worse. We at least looked like we cared for most of the game, and that does count for something. My new theory is that someone has placed a curse on Lidstrom. I mean, look at his play so far. This is not The Perfect Human we know and love. No, he doesn't suck, but he isn't playing like we know he can, either. I think the curse on him is holding him back and spilling over on the rest of the team. Once he breaks it (by scoring) the evil witch doctor will die and we'll climb out of the basement and sing the soundtrack to the new Disney flick. Or something. Christ, what do you want from me? I'm grasping at straws, here!

*Normally, I believe beer goes better with hockey, but I also find it much more filling, and I anticipated needing a LOT of alcohol.

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  1. "Is Babcock proof of your mother's assertion that your face would freeze like that?"

    That is freakin' hilarious, ma'am. Nice work.