Monday, December 14, 2009

Red, White & Black'n'Blue

Is the naming of this blog a sin I should have confessed to the Hockey Gods over at Snipe, Snipe, Dangle, Dangle? Honestly, when I started, I was thinking of classic moments like the '97 fight against Colorado, or even the kind of punishing, open-ice hits Kronwall makes that give me a little tingle. THAT was the "black'n'blue" I was referencing, not this never-ending parade of injuries marching through our depth chart. I swear. I never meant to cause...this.

Tonight we pulled out the win against Phoenix, but I have a bad feeling that it came at the expense of Jonathan Ericsson. No word so far on the extent of the injury, but after seeing it on TV (and several times on DVR) I have a very bad feeling it might be an MCL or ACL tear, which would wrap up the season for him. Believe me I'm crossing my fingers, praying, lighting candles, and doing primitive ritual dances in hopes that it's nothing more than a bruise. But if the season so far is any indication...

I've heard some speculation on bring Ward in off waivers or inviting Chelios back, but I think it's much more likely that we're going to see Kindl back up from grand Rapids, and I'm actually fine with that. Hopefully, Kronner is back in 4 weeks or so, Cheli is not much of a realistic possibility given his age and the amount he played his last season with us, and I don't think Ward is worth the price. Kenny's already said he's not making trades, and if there's one thing I've learned in my time as a Wings fan, it's to always trust Kenny.

Just don't trust the Hockey Gods. Sneaky bastards.

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