Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pointless Recap

I say pointless because I'm so late in getting it out that really everything that needs to be said has already been said by superior bloggers. But then I realized that's true even when I post 5 minutes after the game ends, so what the heck. I can do pointless.

Thankfully, though, the Wings were not pointless last night, for a change. They pulled out 2 by clinching it over the Ducks in overtime. Thank gods for Todd Bertuzzi. And how weird is that?
Todd Bertuzzi celebrates his overtime game-winning goal with Henrik Zetterberg. Bertuzzi also netted the game-tying goal midway into the third period. (Kirthmon F. Dozier / DFP)

So, here's what I saw:
  • We really have trouble starting on time, don't we? Even when we're skating hard in the 1st, it seems like we're skating without purpose. Moving our feet without quite knowing where we're moving them to. We need to get a handle on that, yes?
  • Jimmy Howard had another solid game, with with notable (and much noted) exception of the second goal. But like others, I think the important thing was that he bounced back from that weak miss and didn't let it throw off his game. Like a real NHL goalie!
  • Dats and Z... Oh, dear. Where have our boys gone? I miss them. Dats needs to ease up on his beautiful dangling to, you know, shoot the puck once in a while. And Z needs to work on his aim, which is not what it once was, one might say. Both of them seem to need new sticks, 'cause WTF?
  • Abby did a good job, with the exception of being the worst face-off man, well, ever. Maybe he can get some one-on-one practice time with Drapes and sort that out, because right now he's abysmal. But he really worked his tail off, and that's going to take him a long way. In a few years, I think he's going to be a hell of a player. And I loved him for continuing to whale on Perry even after he was on his back on the ice.
  • Leino got a point. So, yay him. Am I bowled over? Not quite. Yes, I will admit there was some improvement in his game, but seriously it wasn't like he could have gotten all that much worse. Last night was a better outing than he's had previously, but he still needs to step it up if he's going to come close to fulfilling this team's expectations.
  • Homer is my hero. I've always loved him, but this season I adore him all the more for stepping up at exactly the right times and generally playing like he's shed about 5 years.
  • Wish we could have sewn this up before the end of regulation, but I'll take 2 points and stop whining. At least until tonight's game against the Bubba.
  • Go, Bert. Keep it up and I'll become your newest defender. And stay right there at the side of the net all 60 minutes every night if you can keep throwing them in from there.
That's about it. We're up again tonight, when Ozzie will presumably take his spot in the net once again. Please let him be the old Ozzie I know and love and not the "think I'll let in a goal in the first 2 minutes" Ozzie I know and hate.

Go Wings!!!

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