Tuesday, December 29, 2009


That's the summary of my feelings right about now. I missed last night's game (damn Gary.ass and his network-bitch Versus) and went to see Sherlock Holmes instead. I hear that Jimmah played great until, you know, we got shut out in OT. I suppose I should be happy that we at least got a point, but meh to that, too.

In fact, I've decided to put an official and overarching meh on the first half of this season and take a break until the new year. Since the New Year's Eve game isn't on Versus, I technically could watch, but at this point, I think I'll just go to the NYE party I've been invited to and get drunk instead. Then I can put this half-season behind me and concentrate on getting excited about the returning players and all the points we're going to start picking up (knock wood, laminate, tile, ceramic, and any solid surface I can find) as we head toward spring and the playoffs.

Until then, meh to it all and hand me the champagne. Bring on 2010, bitches, and let the heads of our enemies begin to roll.

Let's go, Red Wings!!!

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