Monday, December 14, 2009

Tonight: Phoenix vs. Grand Rapids

Seriously, that's about what it amounts to now that Helm is down with a wrist injury and Kris Newbury has been called up to replace him. I think if any player gets hurt tonight, Ken Holland and Mike Babcock are just gonna start waving in guys from the stands. Anyone in a Wings jersey who can still see his feet when looking down over his stomach will strap on skates and pads and take a spot on the power play.

Come to think of it, I'm not sure the power play would be much worse off if that happened.

In anticipation of the 7:30 puck drop (4:30 me time), I've got booze chilling by the gallon and some Halcyon I hoarded from my last dental work. I'll try to remember not to take both of them, because I don't want to miss it when our injuries finally start coming back. You know...eventually.


  1. If they pay for my flight I can play. It might be 5 years since I hung up the skates, but I was a grind liner on several league championship teams and 1 goal and 1 silver team in the norwegian championships for boys 14 and boys 15 respectively. And a couple of teammates are on the national team. Not that I really was that good. But hey, Kenny, Pick me!

  2. I was a heck of a floor hockey player in freshman gym...and I can throw a punch.