Thursday, December 3, 2009

Do Over

That's right. I'm calling it. I want a do over on this season. Tomorrow I will wake up, it will be a new day, the sun will shine again, and perhaps an ember of hope will rekindle in my heart.


But for tonight, I'm just going to crawl into my bed, pull the covers up over my head, cradle a bottle of Scotch to my chest, and decide that this season isn't happening. It's a nightmare. A painful figment of my imagination. I got home late from an unexpectedly arduous hike with my dog just in time to see that the score was 4-1. That's when I turned off the TV and reached for the Dalwhinnie. And found out Ericsson is now "day-to-day" with an injured left knee.

And that's when I called for a do over. I want to stop this season right here, erase the record, and start over. With a healthy roster, a consistent goalie, and a burning need for the cup. Until that happens, I'm going to go to sleep.*

Night, y'all.

*Technically, I'm only going to sleep til about 8 AM tomorrow, December 4, 2009. But with luck, that will mark the beginning of our new upswing. Please god.

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